Puppy Education

Puppy Education Perth

  • Is your puppy training you?
  • Struggling to manage puppy and child pandemonium?
  • Are you a first time dog owner who needs to know the basics
  • Have you just adopted a rescue dog and want to ensure you set up your new pup for success
  • Struggling to get you dog to listen to you or to focus

If you answer yes to any of these questions, let us help you understand you dog better through effective and positive training and development.

Having a dog is a wonderful thing, a soul mate to share moments of your life with, adventures, laughs and occasional tears, your pup will be there no matter what, for everything life throws at you – what a joy! But…..

Unfortunately beautifully mannered dogs just don’t happen… raising a puppy or training and managing an adult dog is not effortless. Pups that you can happily share your life with, take everywhere and enjoy, take time and devotion. But with a little know how and planning you can learn how to understand and support your pooch, preventing problems from occurring along the way.

We have a number of options that may suit you and your puppy, we offer a one on one puppy consultation, that can be tailored to suit your and your puppy’s needs. Click here to go to our puppy training page.

Alternatively, we have a structured group class program commencing with puppy school through to obedience classes.

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    Puppy School – approx. 8-13weeks
    Research shows that puppies have clear developmental stages from around 3-12 weeks of age is a key period of learning, a time when puppies are developing social relationships with other pups or humans, learning how to manage arousal and emotionally regulate and understanding the world in general.

    Click here for Swanbourne Puppy School or here for the Floreat Vet Puppy School.

    Obedience Classes – 20 weeks –adult
    The more opportunities we provide out dog to learn, work out problems, use their fabulous brains, the more likely your pup is to make good decisions.

    Obedience provides the chance to continue to build your relationship and to connect to your dog, to embed good manners and life skills, in a fun social environment. Providing the foundations for future training in a wide variety of specialist areas such as, retrieving, tracking, agility, doggy dancing, herding, scent work.

    These classes are ideal for those who have adolescent pups ready for a new challenge or older dogs who want to improve on the basics. These classes continue to build on prior knowledge, incorporating fun group activities, teaching handler and pup how to focus in high distraction environments.
    All of our training uses positive reinforcement techniques.

    Click here for obedience classes

    Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    Despite this issue being a problem that most puppies encounter, no puppy is born with separation anxiety. The anxiety is triggered in the beginning stages of development when we used to believe we should let the dogs ‘cry it out’. As a result later in life, the dog has an inability to emotionally regulate and can present in behaviours such as the dog crying or barking unnecessarily, chewing things in its environment, destruction, digging. This is what we define as separation anxiety.

    However, this does not mean that independent puppies and dogs are spared from such bad behaviour. They too are prone to behaviour we don’t like but it does not necessarily translate to separation anxiety. 

    We believe that correctly educating and training your dog right from its young age has enormous advantages. 

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