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Swanbourne Vet Classes

These are done as a 6-week block either on Saturdays in Claremont with each class expanding on the one before. They are suited to dogs that have completed the puppy preschool and management through the Vets or others can join provided your dog is around 6 months of age or older and reasonably sociable or socially accepting.
These classes are about building a better bond and relational connection to your dog while teaching the many useful communications including loose lead walking, sit, look, drop, stay, wait, come, leave it and heel. These classes are aimed to have some fun and enjoyment for you and your dog.
Run by either Neri or Ashley Senior, they are there to help guide you and answer any questions along the way. Get in early to secure your spot for these well loved classes.
Book through the lovely people at the Swanbourne Veterinary Centre or call 93842644 to enrol.

Cost: $175 for 6 weeks

Swanbourne Veterinary Centre

Puppy Classes are organised via the team at Swanbourne Veterinary Centre, this is an 8 week course and delves deep into what is going on with our pups from a developmental stage.

During this course your will learn strategies to help communication between you and your puppy, building trust and a long lasting relationship which encourages effective learning, this includes socialisation with other dogs and the wider environment.

Puppy School

Key focus areas:

  • How to calm your pup and improve pups focus
  • How to manage pups and children, so they can learn together
  • Teaching basic Obedience, SIT, DROP STAY
  • Teaching crucial communication
  • Toilet training
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Jumping

Contact the Swanbourne Vets on 93842644 to enrol or click here to visit the website.

The Floreat Vet

Our puppy school is a five week course. This is different to standard four week course that is usually offered. Why? We believe a good foundation for puppies starts with you, the puppy’s parents. For this reason, week one is a bonus class just for parents. This is an opportunity to cover some of the theory behind the first crucial months with your puppy – without the beautiful chaos that happens at ground level! - and address any questions you may have. Your puppy will join us for weeks two through to five. They will learn manners, social skills and basic obedience, with an abundance of positive interactions with people and other puppies. Run by the lovely Lisa Ricketts she is available to help you with your pups development.

Follow this link to enrol

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