Meet the Family

Meet the family

Neri Karazija is the owner and director of Dog whispering. To learn more about Neri Follow this link

Lisa Ricketts is the valued member and business partner of the Dog Whispering family and Runs Starbarks dog training located in the eastern areas of Perth. To learn more about Lisa and her services follow this link

Ashley Fergason (Ash Senior) has been a professional dog walker in Perth for the last 5 years.  She joined the dog whispering team in 2020. Originally from Canada, Ashley has always had a passion for working with animals.  After making Perth her home and working with dogs in that time she has now completed her Cert III in dog behaviour and training with the national dog trainers federation as well as the foundation courses with Shaun and Kim Ellis at the wolf and dog development centre and the beginning of the instructors course which she will finish over the coming years. Her hands on experience is what has shape the amazing trainer she is. She says ‘No job or dog is the same and figuring out the 'why' is what I love. Looking past the surface behaviours and understanding the unmet needs. That's when you find the long lasting solutions 🙂 That being said it is just as important to be able to convey this to people. Being sensitive to their situation and feelings, making sure to break it down into bite size pieces and finding the balance of giving them solutions without overwhelming them.
Her enthusiasm, compassion and wonderfully friendly nature shows when she is working with dogs.  They simply love her. She is a fabulous addition to the team, helping out on the walk and trains, puppy consults, puppy classes, adult classes, in home sessions and behavioural work.

Ashley Horn (Ash Junior) who was originally from Adelaide has joined the family in 2022 and has been a professional dog walker for 3 years in Perth prior to this. She started out training Search and rescue dogs while she finished her Bachelor of Science (animal Science). To add to that she has completed a Cert 3 in Dog Behaviour and training, Pet harmony courses and many others and is continuing her studies and certifications broadening her experience and knowledge from working with assistance dogs to reactive dogs and teaching classes. She is a welcome member of the family and the dogs and humans love her. Her compassion, knowledge and beautiful nature shows when she is working with dogs. She is a great addition to the walk and trains and has many happy regulars. She spends her time with own beautiful boy Milo

Jos Smith
Jocelyn has been a dog trainer for the last 7 years. Having a broad range of experience from Police and Quarantine detection dogs, implementing training programs for the K9 unit, training and assessing working dogs to working with individuals and their dogs behavioural issues and obedience training. Dedicated to improving the lives of our dogs, Jocelyn also has a charity called K9 Companions Australia where she finds, pairs and trains rescue dogs with their new owners and through positive methods helps bring a dog in much need of support and show people how these can be used to support their own mental well being. Jos has started her Knowledge expansion with Shaun and kim at the wolf and dog development centre in there online courses. Her enthusasim and love for dogs is infectious and she is a wonderful addition to the family.

These amazing golden retrievers have been incremental in helping out many of the dogs around Perth. With their intrinsically calm natures and excellent development they are able to assist dogs that are normally worried about other dogs.  Each has their own character to help compliment the dog we are working with.  They are amazingly invaluable to the work we are doing.