About Us

Hi, I’m Neri,

I have had an affinity with animals all my life. From an early age, dogs and cats were constantly following me home. Even as a child, I was training animals – dogs, cats, ducks – and even wild kookaburras.

My connection with animals led me to university to study marine biology and animal behaviour where I completed an honours degree and thesis on whale behaviour. Further studies were with the National Dog Trainers Federation where I completed the Certificate III in Dog Training and a Canine Behaviour Modification Specialist course. From 2013 to 2015 I became a licenced instructor through the wolf and dog development centre and go over every year to work along side my mentors and friends Kim and Shaun Ellis for a few months at a time, really absorbing the knowledge and research. Their approach is one of working with the dogs natural character, social and emotional development and the humans social and emotional development within themselves. It is all about the relational connection with our animals and have named it the Hemene™ approach.

Shaun and Kim Ellis are world recognised wolf behaviourists. Their insight into Canine behaviour comes from Shauns time spent with wild and captive wolves. Learning from these two has been both astounding and eye opening as it answers the questions of ‘why’ – why does my dog behave in that way?” I have worked through their many courses to achieve the instructor qualification – an honour bestowed to no other before me. Working with wolves to understand more about dogs is simply logical because of their close evolutionary links. The insight into dog behaviour, social character, development, relational connection and the language of dogs is revolutionary and you will enjoy learning. The why and how to build a better relationship with your dog. Their website is well worth a look.

Going back every year for a few months gives the ability to immerse myself in their world. In 2023 I was lucky enough to be there to help raise 7 wolf pups that were born at the centre, learning first hand about this important and crucial developmental stage from the inside. The research and development of their own animals is forever evolving and much of their findings are being backed by neuroscience. It is my pleasure and honour to be able to bring this information back to Australia and help you understand and develop your dogs and puppies and build the relational connection we are all looking for with our canine friends.